Audio Production for Audio Drama and Audiobooks

Audiobooks are single actor productions, generally with no music or effects added

SimilarTransactions160x1Written by S. R. Reynolds

Narrated by Linda Kimbrough


Carnelian160x160Written by Colleen Gleason

Narrated by Jayne Entwihistle


GhostNoMore160x160Written by CeeCeeJames

Narrated by Julia Farmer


TonguesOfAngels160x160Written by Reynolds Price

Narrated by Paul Fleschner


MurderOnOpeningNight160x160Written by Elizabeth Spann Craig

Narrated by Judy Blue

earphoneaward200x200Earphones Award Winner


BeautifulScarsCoverWritten by Kilee Brookbank and Lori Highlander

Narrated by Marie Hoffman, Nancy Peterson, Claton Butcher and Vikas Adam


Reiver160x160Written by David Pilling

Narrated by Mark Topping


Unity160x1Written by Jeremy Robinson

Narrated by Julia Farmer


Audio Dramas are full cast recordings (The Word Of Promise used over 600 actors) with foley, sound effects, and musical score used throughout.

Sound Suprevision/ Sound Design by Craig Lee, Produced by Carl Amari Cast Direction by JoBe Cerny, Published by Thomas Nelson Publishers

The Word Of Promise is a fully dramatized version of the New King James Bible. The complete set which includes the Old and New Testament is 98 hours long and is available in a 79 CD set. Actors include Jim Caviezel, Richard Dreyfus, Michael York, Gary Sinese, Stacy Keach, Lou Gossett Jr, Marisa Tomei, John Voight and many others.

Word Of Promise Old Testament

Word Of Promise New Testament

Produced by Carl Amari - Cast Direction by JoBe Cerny - Published by Falcon Picture Group

The Twilight Zone is a recreation of the classic TV series as radio theater. The shows are a combination of adapted scripts from the TV series, and new scripts written specifically as audio drama. Each episode features a star in the leading role supported by a cast of Chicago voice talent.

Twilight Zone Radio Dramas

Produced and Directed by Carl Amari - Published by Falcon Picture Group

Produced in conjunction with Fangoria Magazine.

Fangoria's Dreadtime Stories