DIY Boards For Sale



A note about these boards:

The boards I have for sale are modules I built for myself. My intention is to share these with others who also wish to DIY synth modules.

Some boards will be sold out. Do not paypal me funds without emailing me first. I'll let you know of the latest availablity.

Most boards are initally available as board runs at and the remaining unsold boards will be available until they're sold out. Sometimes I'll do a second run. If you're not already there, the best source of information (and lots of other board runs by talented individuals) is at in the DIY subforum


CleeSTICKER2Many of my boards are available from retailers:

Modular Addict
Perfect Circuit Audio

8 Channel Quantizer Available Rev 2 $35 with LCD board $24 without

Quantizer LCD display board rev 2 Available (see quantizer above)

Euclidean Sequencer Available $60usd. Includes Panel, 2 PCBs, and plexiglass window

Orgone Accumulator for 4U Available with a 4U panel by Loudestwarning at the stores linked above

VC Timer Available $15usd

VC Equal Power Panner SOLD OUT $8usd (requires trace cutting and jumbers)

4U Mounting Bracket Available from the stores linked above

4U LW format boat $120usd, matching rack ears $30usd What is the Loudest Warning format?

If Interested:

Email me at - I'll let you know about availability

• PLEASE MAKE NOTE OF NEW SHIPPING COSTS (they've gone up) and new paypal address


Paypal to

Currently shipping costs are $3.00 for US delivery and $10 for international. International delivery requires a US customs form, including the actual value of the PCBs. Any customs import fees are your responsibility, also email me if ordering a 4U boat and I'll let you know the shipping costs to your location. The boats are heavy, about 5lbs each.