4U LW format boat



The 4U boat is an enclosure for mounting individual modules conforming to the Loudest Warning 4U format. The enclosure is 16 guage steel powder-coated semi gloss black

The face has tapped holes (M2.5) for 17 1" modules and has a (passive) power distribution PCB along the bottom edge with 16 possible connections, allowing for short wiring runs from the module to the distro board wherever they're placed in the enclosure.

Overall dimensions: 17" wide - 7" tall - 3"deep (external dimensions)

Matching rack ears are available.

What is the loudestwarning format?


4U Boat Build notes

BOM for the power distribution PCB. Included are Digi-Key part numbers and the manufacturer part numbers 4U Boat BOM

Download the guide to assembly of the Power PCB Power Distro PCB assembly guide

You'll need:

M2.5 screws for mounting modules in the enclosure

16 Molex 4 Pin connector housings/Female [WM2002] (or less, based on how many modules go in the boat)
64 Molex pin contacts [WM2756] for the female Molex connector (4 per connector)
16 Molex 4 Pin keyed .100" headers/Male [WM4202]
1 rubber grommet [36-745] for wiring hole in back of the boat
4 rubber feet if desired
8 #4-40 X 3/8" screws
16 #4-40 nuts
4 Wires connecting PCB to power supply V-/Gnd 1/Gnd 2/V+ (connector type chosen by builder)

FullFaceSmallerTappedHolesFronSmallerM2.5 tapped holes run at 1" spacing along the top and bottom face

16GA steel, powder coated black

BracketAndConnectorSmallerA power distribution PCB runs along the bottom and the full width of the enclosure. Connectors are 4 PIN keyed .100" Molex. Connection from the distro PCB to your power supply is wired, with the connector type chosen to match your power supply.

PCB construction is 2oz copper 1/8" wide traces

RackEarHolesSmallerRackEarsMatching rack ears are available. Mounting holes are pre-drilled in the boat.