Orgone Accumulator



The Orgone Accumulator is a unique Complex Oscillator designed by Jim Matheson/ Neutron Sound

I laid the design out for 4U systems designing a panel PCB so no point-to-point wiring is needed.

Panel artwork and production is by Charlie Kerr at Loudestwarning

Panels and PCBs are available at Synthcube and Thonk


Orgone Accumulator Build Notes

Current build is Version 1.0

Download documentation here:OA Documents


The Orgone Accumulator build is fairly straight forward with the exception of the headers for the Teensy board and the headers for the connection between the panel and parts PCBs.

The Euro PCB build notes have an excellent guide to installing the headers for the Teensy board and builders should download it HERE.

The Euro user manual (which is mostly the same for the 4U build is also available at the same web page.

OrgoneConnectorsTiny1There are 10 header connectors between the Panel PCB and the Circuit PCB



Soldering the headers between boards

OrgoneDoFirstTinySolder These Connectors First
lightly solder 1 pin of each connctor. Press the 2 boards lightly together, enough to align the headers. Then solder all pins

OrgoneDoSecondTinySolder These Second
Solder these headers one at a time. Pressing the boards to gether to align them each time


OAResistorChangeTinyInstall a 51K Resistor here
On the 4U build the RESET LED can latch on when nothing is plugged into the RESET Jack, or if the plug is removed while a high signal is present. Reducing the resitor to 51K will keep that from happening