VC Panner



VC Pan

This is a VC Panner based on Application notes written for the THAT 2180 VCA chip

The module can be wired as a panner, a crossfader or as switchable between the 2. The center attenuation can be set at -3db, -4.5db or -6db. A switch can be wired for this also.

I built these as dedicated panners with the attenuation set at -4.5db. That was a good compromise for me between ep panning and mono compatability.

Panner Build Notes


Download documentation here:Panner Docs

Current build is Version 4.0

This version requires 2 traces to be cut and 2 jumper wires on the board.

Please read all documents when building

IMPORTANT: I've been informed that there is an error on the schematic and BOM. The parts listed as LT1030 should actually be an LT1013 dual precision op amp, not a Quad Line Driver which the LT1030 is. Sorry for the confusion. The build docs will be corrected and re-uploaded shortly.

Video showing trimming procedure



2 traces need to be cut on the PCB and jumpers installed. Read the documentaion for a complete description